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How TILT®Low Voltage Lighting Revolutionizes Retail & Hospitality Lighting

倾斜®低压LED照明是传统款待照明的升级。不仅倾斜®install 10x faster than conventional lighting—offering80% savings on installationexpenses—its cutting edge low voltage technology拯救你数千个on energy bills over its lifespan vs. conventionalhalogen, fluorescent and incandescentlighting options.

Better Lighting Technology
Better Hospitality

The倾斜®低压设计将驾驶员与光分开. This simple change gives TILT®低电压lighting multiple advantages over conventional lighting when it comes to outfitting hospitality spaces.

分离驾驶员和光长延长两者的寿命,因为从驾驶员产生的热量不会对光产生不利影响。倾斜®低电压lights generate so little heat that they areIC rated by UL, permitting them to be in direct contact with insulation. And, because the driver is not attached directly to the light, the light can be thinner, it runs cooler, and it weighs significantly less.

倾斜®灯光使用低压接线so they do not require installation of bulky conduit or junction boxes or require a licensed electrician for the majority of the installation. This means TILT®低压LED在紧密的空间,如充满的拥挤的增压件显示案例中,或在空间,风格或大气的任何地方考虑的任何地方都有途径。

The sleek, edge-lit lighting of倾斜®provides beautiful, evenly diffused light. The TILT®照明系统可以铺设在网格中,冲洗安装成硬表面,表面使用倾斜安装®surface mount kit or suspended with a hanging kit. It’s versatility allows designers and architects to maximize the use of ceiling height and avoid plenum restrictions. Plus, TILT®低电压lighting is plug and play. New lights are easily added to a circuit with nothing more than aSpeed Whip还有一把钳子。

All TILT®lights are dimmable and available in HE (high efficiency) or CQ (high color quality) models.当您将交换机倾斜时,在每月账单上省钱®低压LED照明。选择热情好客的照明时,零售或任何其他应用程序 -选择倾斜®.





较少的Heatthan Standard LED


And the #1 REASON


Not only does conventional lighting produce高能量成本,卤素,荧光灯和白炽灯照明具有差的颜色质量,呈黄色和较高的灯泡率随着时间的推移。倾斜®高效LED照明随着时间的推移,不会进行色转移,粉碎,下垂或黄色。

无论您是展示服装还是为酒店客人创造完美的氛围,倾斜®lighting delivers the crisp color quality you need. Plus,许多LED的额定寿命长达50,000小时。That’s more than 11 years when used 12 hours a day! That life span of the lighting is, according to experts, about “比典型的白炽灯长50倍,比典型的卤素长20-25倍,比典型的CFL长8-10倍。




Our lighting solutions can be found in many retail and hospitality settings across the country. LED low voltage lighting is the retail and hospitality lighting solution that businesses are glad to have. Cut your energy bill and opt for quality, long-lasting LED with TILT®低电压线性面板,筒灯,Panels, 和Controls.

LED Hospitality Lighting的好处

节能与倾斜之间的性能差异®商业照明系统与传统照明是为什么全球大学,医院,企业和机构选择倾斜®.倾斜®筒灯installed at theJW MarriottLuxury Hotels and Resorts location in Los Angeles, CA seamlessly blend with the beautiful, streamlined design of their hotel, and TILT®also has lighting installations atSleep Inn,Wallhouse Hoteland more.


Make sure your customers can find and better determine what they like and want to purchase, contributing to more sales, with倾斜®Low Voltage LED Downlights, Panels, and Linear Panels. Compared to conventional lighting—which has color-shift, can shatter, sag, and yellow over time—TILT®Low Voltage LED provides crisp, clear appearance. They can be installed into hard to reach spaces, display cases and beyond. Retail stores choose倾斜®低压LED照明,因为其质量和多功能性带出了商店中的所有东西的真实颜色,而且与传统照明相比,它们节省了能源成本。

倾斜®Commercial Low Voltage LED线性面板



  • 小于3/8“厚
  • 可调光
  • 以他(高效率)或CQ(高色质量)型号提供
  • Available in lengths up to 96”
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • 可以铺设电网,冲洗安装,表面安装或悬挂

Choose from 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ TILT® LED Linear Lights

倾斜®Commercial Low Voltage LED筒灯

倾斜®Commercial Low Voltage筒灯, available in square and round varieties, can be installed virtually anywhere in your retail space because they can be flush mounted and are only ½ inch thick. Install TILT®引领lighting in the areas that need illuminated, but that conventional light systems cannot reach. Conventional are bulky and hot because of the attached driver on each light—unlike the TILT®插头和播放照明系统只需要一个驱动器在零售空间中为多个灯电电源。


  • 可调光
  • 以他(高效率)或CQ(高色质量)型号提供
  • 可提供多达12英寸和24英寸的各种尺寸
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • 可以铺设电网,冲洗安装,表面安装或悬挂

Choose from TILT®圆形,方形,8“嵌入和8”湿额定凹陷的LED筒灯

倾斜®Low Voltage LEDPanels

Get evenly diffused and more controlled light with TILT®低电压引领edge-litpanels. TILT®为商店和零售空间提供理想的照明和商业照明系统。荧光灯闪烁甚至原因常见的疾病like eye strain—make your employees and customers happier with beautiful LED Panels. They provide clear lighting, making your products more appealing and shoppers more enticed to buy!


  • 不会shatter, sag, yellow or color-shift.
  • 小于3/8“厚
  • 可调光
  • 以他(高效率)或CQ(高色质量)型号提供
  • IC rated by UL
  • Allows multiple lights to be powered by one driver
  • 可以铺设电网,冲洗安装,表面安装或悬挂

Choose from TILT®1×1, 1×2, 1×4, 2×2, and 2×4 LED Panels



The TILT®选择控制,包括控制器,交换机和遥控器,占用传感器和昏暗芯片允许员工和零售商企业的员工和所有者无线上打开/关闭灯光,设置传感器以节省能量,将光线暗到所需的照明等。您的零售店能够操作灯具和无电池,可轻松可编程,可编程选项和配置。

Surface Mount and Hanging Kits

Our倾斜®Surface Mount Kitsare used to mount TILT®plug-and-play LED lights for any retail and hospitality lighting needs. TILT®低压商用LED可以铺设在栅格,冲洗安装成硬表面,悬挂有悬挂式套件,或使用倾斜安装的表面®表面贴装套件。使用更多选项,您可以创建您想要的外观。


JW Marriott, Wendy’s, Sleep Inn, Schoenbrunn Inn, Prosser Senior Housing, Wallhouse Hotel, Garland Hotel, Sarah Reed Senior Living, Hampton Inn

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